Using the Catholic Planner | Reflection Space

Using the Catholic Planner | Reflection Space


Right below the Sunday Mass Readings is the Reflection Space. Here you can reflect about anything. We encourage you to bring your Catholic Planner with you to Mass, you can use the reflection space to jot down any notes you have or points that really stood out to you from your priest's homily.  Use this space to process your thoughts and get them down on paper.

Here are some other ideas of things you can reflect on:

  • How do you feel going into the upcoming week?
  • How was your last week, how can you improve?
  • How can I serve God this week?
  • How can I put this week's readings into practice?

Catholic Planner | Reflection Space

For more ideas, check out this great blog post from LifeTeen: Jumping Back Into Journaling

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